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Gentleman's Lounge: Style vs Fashion: Do you have Style?

Tip Tuesday How Stylish are you? Is it the same as being fashionable? How can you tell the difference? Well if you've ever struggled with knowing the difference or not sure which is which, this two minute post is for you. First things first. Fashion is what you buy and style is how you wear it. Now does that mean buying expensive things automatically means your  stylish? No. Style is how you wear your fashion. When you understand the rules of how things fit together you can buy any kind of fashion (suit, dress, tie etc) and put it together in a way that is very stylish. But don't fret if you don't know the difference just yet. Evolving into...

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Women's Summer Trends - Puff Sleeves

Hello Beautiful People! This is Diana Tracy and I will be sharing the top Summer 2018 Trends in Women's Fashion this week. First top trend you will see (if you haven't already) is Puff Sleeves. One of the many things that the 1980's blessed us with including bad rocker hair and electric tights is the puff sleeve and designers are bringing it back for 2018! You will begin to notice a lot more shirts and dresses with puff sleeves on them whether it is an off the shoulder puff sleeve dress or shirt just know the puff is taking over!  I know what your thinking and I get it; I cringed too when I heard the news because my mind...

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Classic Man!

\ Good afternoon!   I am a fan of @jidenna! His style. His fashion. His classic masculine charm is mesmerizing! He is well out together from his head to his lapel, his French cuff to his shoes right down to his socks! Well put together. Coiffed and groomed! He embodies style and masculinity. Create your own style fingerprint just like #Jidenna in his video #classicman and walk no strut in your truth! Spencer Chase Men's Jewellery Collection is available now at Custom designs are also available. I have many male clientele who want pieces custom made exclusively to them. Contact me at and let's talk!

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