Lava Rock - A Symbol of Strength and Courage

Lava rock is made of the Basalt stone - molten (liquid) volcanic lava that has solidified under intense heat and pressure.  The strength within this stone is symbolic of what it went through under such intense heat and pressure to become what it is.

As a result Lava Rock is the symbol of strength and courage and allows for stability throughout changes in ones life when worn by it's owner. If your going through a lot of changes your life this rock is for you and will help diminish the negative aspects in your personality so you can clearly where you need to modify your character.

The Luis Bracelet is made with genuine Lava Rock handmade on a stretch cord. The strength in this bracelet and cord is insurmountable. 

If your going through a shift, the Luis Bracelet made of Lava Rock is for you. 


Luis Bracelet - $50 

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