Your Style Fingerprint

Style can be as unique as a fingerprint.

It can define you or you can define it on your own terms.


Often times I hear me complain that there isn't enough variety for the. Which begs the question, where are you looking? Are you looking outside of yourself to society, to trends, to others to dictate your style? Or are you looking in the mirror at yourself and what you like and at who yo are?

Who is inspiring you? What do you like? What appeals to you? What drives you? Do you march to the bear if your own drum? Are you eccentric? A rocker dude? A lil bit country? Ask yourself what do you like then build your fashion fingerprint round that!


The amazing thing about The Spencer Chase Collection is it was designed to fit every fashion fingerprint. Layer each piece, pair it with your favourite watch or wear it on it's own, it will not onlyfit into our existing wardrobe but it will also compliment and progress your style portfolio.


Shoo our collection at! Quality handmade jewelry made with the highest quality semi precious stones, Swarovski Crystal, gold, silver and bronze accents.

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