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How to Look Effortlessly Flawless

How to Look Effortlessly Flawless

Ever wonder how some people can walk into a room and look like they fell out the pages of Vogue or GQ? Or how even when they are going to run errands they look like they could also stop off for a brunch reservation at  Sassafraz on Yorkville?

Well, I have a few tips to help you achieve the same effortless elegance and style.


I know our moms and grandmas always used to tell us to sit up straight but turns out they were onto something. Posture is not only is good for your body but it conveys a clear message of sophistication, class and elegance. It sends a signal that you are well groomed no only physically but socially as well. And lets face it, Prada never looks good on a bent mannequin when your shopping for it in store so why would you want to dress up in your best only to crease your clothing unnecessarily by slouching?

Good posture is standing or sitting up straight, shoulders relaxed and head held straight forward. Practice makes perfect so even though it might feel uncomfortable at first, repetition will have it feeling as natural as it did when you didn't practice good posture.


The more well put together you look the more people will take notice of you. That means making sure your hair is well combed and groomed. You don't need to get a $150 wash and dry at the salon but it does mean it should show that you put effort in how your hair is styled. 

Chipped nail polish and broken manicure sets will ruin any look whether its a $25,000 look or a outfit you put together from H&M. So ladies, make sure your nails are well manicured, even length (short or medium length is ideal - extra long nails does not convey elegance). Sticking to neutral colors like beige, pink or ivory looks best. Darker colors are very nice just make sure if your nail polish starts to chip or fade make sure you re-apply or get a fresh manicure.

Invest in good products for skincare. Skin is actually an initial indicator of class and elegance. If you suffer from acne, rosacea book an appointment with a good dermatologist and begin a regimen to put you on the road to clear and even skin. Make up is a quick fix however it won't hide bumpy skin. Investing in good skincare products will pay its return in dividends.


An elegant makeup look lends more towards a more "natural" make up look then a evening night type of makeup routine.  2021 make up trends lends more to the dewy soft look with red or neutral lips, blush, slight bronzer and a natural feathered eyebrow. Soft brown liner has replaced black eyeliner and black mascara.

Instead of a heavy contour utilizing blush and light bronzer is the the way to create a nice "natural" dewy glow for the season.

Jewelry & Wardrobe

This years jewelry trends lends more towards dainty feminine then last years statement pieces. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE a statement earring but now that we've all been locked inside has taught us that if you have a favorite pair of earrings, necklace and ring you don't need a special occasion to wear them. Just wear it because it makes you feel good and let's face it we all deserve to feel good at any given time after being locked up for so long. 

Once you've settled on wearing your favorite jewelry pieces pair them with clothing that is tailored to your specific body and shape. Tailoring can be expensive so now might be a great time to go through your existing wardrobe and start pairing down pieces that no longer look and feel as good as when you first bought them. Once you've done that its always a great idea to get your pants, jeans, tops and dresses tailored so they fit your body in a more flattering way. A well tailored outfit no matter how expensive or inexpensive it might have been will always add to a look of elegance because it fits you perfectly. 

Last Thoughts:

Look, creating an aura of elegance by tailoring your clothing, cleaning up your grooming practices and getting clear skin so your dewy natural makeup looks effortless is great but if you don't do the inner work to make sure the outside matches the inside then your efforts will be a waste of time. 

Truly elegant people know how to read the room, communicate, they understand social cues and they don't make missteps that seem innocent to most but could mean social ostracization in the circles you are trying to move in. I've seen it time and time again. A wrong word, a misplaced "compliment" or even trying too hard to fit in by saying things that show you are not truly elegant has resulted in many people missing the mark and finding themselves on the outside wondering why they are suddenly not in anymore.

Elegance is more than a look, it's a mindset and its a carefully cultivated lifestyle. If you truly want to be a memorable and elegant woman be sure to do the inner work that will not only get you into the desired circles you crave but keep you there.  True elegance creates an experience that people crave long after you've left the room.


Until next time dolls.



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