How to choose figure flattering swimsuits for your body type

Swimsuit season is upon us and everyone wants to look great on the beach! Since no two body types are the same not every look will flatter every figure. Check out these 8 styles that will surely flatter your body type


Figure Type: Long Torso


One piece bathing suits look awesome on a woman with a long torso. In fact, the one-piece bathing suit has come a long way in the past year from the frumpy days of old. They are not sexy and very stylish and can give you that figure flattering bombshell look that you crave for that poolside or beach outing. The rule of thumb is to try and avoid chunky patterns that run length wise up and down your torso. Here are a few ideas 



Figure Type: Curvy


Underwire tops and high waisted bottoms are your best bet with this figure type. This summer there are a lot of sexy high waisted bathing suits that look amazing on women with curves in all the right places. Don't be afraid to flaunt those curves in a sexy 2-piece high waisted number. Check out these looks for style inspiration



Figure type: Petitie or small busted


The triangle bikini is perfect for the petite figure type. It offsets your petite torso and elongates your legs. Check out these style examples.



With all these swimsuit types, accessories are a perfect must! Check out these style suggestions from our collection


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