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How to layer necklaces like a pro!

How to layer necklaces like a pro!

Have you ever seen those photos of women wearing their necklaces in a perfect layer and wonder how they do it? Well I have the tea on how you to can layer like a pro! 

The key is in the connector chain!

Yes, that's right? You know that 2 inch chain at the end that allows you to make your necklace as tight or as loose as you want? Yes that! The key to layering is keeping this ratio in mind

14" - 16" - 20"

That means your shortest necklace should be a maximum of 14" including utilizing the extender) this can be your choker chain (add a cute pendant or detail on it to make it interesting), then add a 16" statement chain as the second layer. I typically choose a chain that has maybe a flower or an initial or even a pendant. Then to round it out your 3rd chain should be 20" so your leaving enough room for all chains to lay together without tangling. 

Voila! Now not only did you create a unique look but your chains won't tangle and will flow freely and look amazing!



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