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Classic Man!

\ Good afternoon!   I am a fan of @jidenna! His style. His fashion. His classic masculine charm is mesmerizing! He is well out together from his head to his lapel, his French cuff to his shoes right down to his socks! Well put together. Coiffed and groomed! He embodies style and masculinity. Create your own style fingerprint just like #Jidenna in his video #classicman and walk no strut in your truth! Spencer Chase Men's Jewellery Collection is available now at Custom designs are also available. I have many male clientele who want pieces custom made exclusively to them. Contact me at and let's talk!

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The Spencer Chase Collection

Introducing the Spencer Chase Men's Collection. A collection of handmade beaded jewelry for men with a discerning taste. This collection is unique to all other Men's lines that have come though the Diana Tracy Collection because of the introduction of Swarovski Crystal, Gold and Silver accents. I chose these precious elements to incorporate into the collection to appeal to men who want quality high end pieces. The line launched Feb 20th and already Sold Out of it's more popular piece Jesse James. Check out the other amazing pieces handmade with Swarovski Crystal, quality bronze, gold and semi precious stones such as Agate. Shop the collection at       To see more of the Spencer Chase Collection go to

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