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Zoom Dressing - How to look stylish from the shoulders up when you WFH!

Zoom Dressing - How to look stylish from the shoulders up when you WFH!

So you want to look like you woke up completely put together from the waist up when in reality from the waist down your in sweat pants, fuzzy slides and your cat is in your lap asking for belly rubs? Well, you're in the right place!

Let me show you how!

We all know when you look good you feel good so its now wonder many experts tell us WFH (work from home) people to dress for your day despite having a commute that spans from your bedroom to your dining room table. BUT...the comfort of sleepwear, workout pants and sweats is a temptation all too rich to pass up. Well, why not have the best of both worlds. Its called, Zoom Dressing; work at the top, leisure wear comfort at the bottom.

How does one do this? Glad you asked. Just pair your favorite work blouse or shirt, earrings, necklace and hair clip (good for days where you dont want to comb your hair but still look like you did!) and your favorite comfy pants or shorts and voila! You have now dressed to impress for your morning Zoom or Teams meeting!

This gives you a semblance of "normalcy" in an abnormal time which boosts work productivity, self esteem and confidence. 

--Now I can't speak for that Corporate poker face we all used to have pre-pandemic but at least it helps you look put together while you struggle not to make a face during the team meeting LOL

How can you do this? Well below are some helpful tips on how to dress for your work from home!

1. layering necklaces - a soft feminine necklace such as the Shawna Necklace or the or the Chloe Necklace is perfect pairing with your work top. Its professional and gives you that put together look without the fuss.

2. Small earrings - adding a small hoop earring or huggie is another feminine way to look and feel put together and ready to tackle your day. You can keep them on all day and run errands on your lunch or after work and look and feel put together while doing both. Check out our Kerry Earrings, Carrie Hoops and Chelsea Earrings for style options that work with this look.

3. Rings - I like to wear one or two rings per hand (not all at the same time) to give me a nice corporate look without coming off gaudy. Perfect examples are The Gold Leaf Ring, Joanna Ring or Porsha. Soft feminine yet impactful.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and ideas on how to Zoom Dress! Let me know how you like to dress for your work meetings while you WFH!

Talk to you soon!


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