About Us

About Us
When you have a dream the difference between making that dream a reality is whether or not you choose to act on it! We believe in the power of dreams. Our brand, The Diana Tracy Collection was created out of a desire to offer affordable, trendy and often times Avant Garde jewelry for men and women. Our jewelry compliments everyone's fashion closet and cultivates a unique style statement every time one of our pieces is worn.  We offer a wide array of accessories from statement necklaces, rings and bracelets to our more timeless line of the same in a variety of jewelry collections every season.
Who are we? We are more than just a jewelry line! We are an ever evolving style statement and lifestyle choice for those who are not afraid to express their individual style unapologetically. 
The Diana Tracy Collection we are a lifestyle of rich elegance, unapologetic style and trend setting opulence. 
Shop our accessories at www.dianatracy.ca and see for yourself everything we have to offer!
See you soon!

Meet the TEAM!

Diana Tracy - CEO/Founder of The Diana Tracy Collection.

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